Septic Inspection

Kathleen Hill provides the most comprehensive septic inspection known. The inspection includes, but is not limited to the following:
Prior to the inspection, health department records are obtained. These records contain very valuable information with regard to the size of the system; the size of the home it was designed for; the estimated location; and the date of final approval. This paperwork is reviewed and included with the final report. This information provides a great deal of reassurance to the buyer that the system was designed appropriately in the beginning and was approved by the governing agency. It is irresponsible to perform an inspection and issue a report without this information. If the county does not have records, every attempt will be made to estimate the above information. It can take an excess of 6 BUSINESS days to obtain this information. Therefore, it is advisable to call, with NO obligation and provide this office with the possible address as soon as possible. 
The inspection conducted by this company mirrors and/or exceeds the inspection requirements of the county. As a result, septic tanks are required to be pumped, and a pump card issued by the pumper, prior to the report in the following counties:

Kent within 2 years of this inspection
Allegan within 3 years of this inspection
Montcalm within 3 years of this inspection
Other counties: variable

Inside the home:

  • Superficial plumbing review – is what is supposed to be connected connected; is what is supposed to be separate indeed separate (i.e. sump pump; water softener; sewage ejector; laundry).
  • This is limited to visible plumbing only. Water is run from all large fixtures into the system.
    Outside the home:
  • The septic tank/s are located and mapped.
  • The final disposal area is identified, typed and mapped. This often requires excessive soil probing.
  • At least one test hole is augured at the front of the system. A second, third, forth or fifth hole is augured as needed.
  • Straight line, reproducible measurements are taken from all points of interest.
  • Possible items of concern or interest are noted in depth on the report (i.e. slope issues; drainage issues; replacement area, etc).


  • An accurate, concise drawing is produced of the entire location with reproducible measurements and all necessary information provided.
  • A final report is complied with all information gained during the inspection and is presented in very understandable language with full explanation. Including as the system relates to current county code requirements. All information required by FHA is included on FHA reports. In the event that further explanation is required, Kathleen Hill is always available by phone.

In the RARE situation that the home is vacant and the specific location of the system cannot be determined, a re-inspection is conducted, FREE of charge, after the home has been occupied for 30 days. Dye testing is available, but not recommended as they may produce a false sense of security, especially on vacant homes or if the septic tanks have been pumped. (Pumping of the septic tanks is negotiable when working for the buyer on a bank owned home.)