Kathleen Hill, R.S. Well and Septic Inspections mirror (or are more thorough than) the policies and procedures of the county in which the home is built. Well and septic inspections are now a standard requirement in mortgage agreements. Don’t wait for the overworked county to arrive to conduct an inspection. Why hire a home inspection company that has little or no experience with the design and function of a system? Hire Kathleen Hill, a Registered Sanitarian who specializes in these inspections. Many home inspection companies simply dump a few hundred gallons of water and some dye into the system to see if it surfaces. Very rarely is dye a useful or reliable tool in determining failure. Kathleen Hill provides an in depth inspection, which actually looks at a portion of the system below the ground.

FHA loan? No fear. Kathleen Hill’s inspections provide all the essential information required by FHA evaluators. Kathleen Hill’s reports never get returned for more information! This includes refinancing.

Coliform bacteria, E. Coli Bacteria, Nitrate and Nitrite water sampling is included in the price of the well inspection. Lead sampling is available for an additional charge. Whether you have a new or 100 year old home, drainbed, drainfield, trench, drywell or seepage pit; Kathleen Hill can perform the most thorough inspection possible. Whether your home is occupied or VACANT, Kathleen Hill can help.

Whether your well size is 1.25″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ or 6″ diameter, submersible or jet pump, inside or outside; Kathleen Hill can tell you what is right, and not so right with the well. Kathleen Hill is available morning, noon and night for phone consultations. Inspections times are flexible to meet your scheduling needs. Payment is accepted at close.