Well System Inspection

Kathleen Hill provides the most comprehensive well inspection known. The inspection includes, but is not limited to the following:

Prior to the inspection, health department records are obtained. These records contain very valuable information with regard to the well depth; date of construction; protective clay layers; drilling stipulations; and the date of final approval. This paperwork is reviewed and included with the final report. This information provides a great deal of reassurance to the buyer that the system was designed appropriately in the beginning and was approved by the governing agency. It is irresponsible to perform an inspection and issue a report without this information. If the county does not have records, every attempt will be made to estimate the above information. It can take an excess of 6 BUSINESS days to obtain this information. Therefore, it is advisable to call, with NO obligation and provide this office with the possible address as soon as possible. The inspection includes the required bacteria and nitrate/nitrate sample. We also provide the hardness, iron, sulfate; chloride, fluoride (for the dentist), and sodium levels. These will help determine either: how the water treatment devise present is working; or if a water treatment devise may be desirable.

Inside the home:

  • Substantial compliance with the Groundwater Quality Control portion of Part 127 of Act 368 is determined (if components are visible)
  • The pressure tanks is evaluated (if visible)
  • Pump capacity is checked on wells without submersible pumps
  • Water pressure is noted
  • Prior to collecting water samples, the collection point is thoroughly cleaned
  • Water samples are collected and taken to accredited laboratories

Outside the home:

  • The wellhead is evaluated for substantial compliance with the Groundwater Quality Control portion of Part 127 of Act 368 (elevation, cap, hydrant, etc)
  • Isolation distances are determined and documented


  • Information from the well log and County records are complied with inspection findings and water sample results into an easy to read, informative report.
  • An accurate, concise drawing is produced, including all information required on FHA reports.

NOTE: In order to perform this inspection, running water must be present to all fixtures. Not all fixtures will be checked for function as this is a well inspection and fixtures do not affect the well.